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Led Excitation Wavelengths Breakthrough

Aug 06 2008

CoolLED is pleased to announce a breakthrough in the development of LED excitation wavelengths in the Green region of the visible spectrum. Historically, the semiconductor materials used to manufacture LEDs have been spectrally weak in this region – broadly from 520-600nm – which has led to lower levels of intensity in a region where there are many important and interesting fluorophores requiring excitation. As a result, new LAMs (LED Array Modules) have been developed using CoolLED`s experience in developing high-intensity, actively-cooled LED arrays.
CoolLED has now released LAMs for its precisExcite LED excitation system at three crucial wavelengths:- 535nm, 565nm, and 585nm. These have been added to the existing range of LAMs at 400, 445, 465,
505, 525, 595 and 635nm.

Each LAM is a self-contained array of LEDs at a specific excitation wavelength which is mounted on an interchangeable module. Users of precisExcite® can simply remove and replace LAMs in their unit
depending on the samples and fluorophores which they are using.
precisExcite® is a modular LED light source where the user can select the wavelength of excitation and control the intensity & period of excitation very precisely. CoolLED technology uses high-power thermallycontrolled LEDs with active cooling. This ensures that the LEDs are kept stable and intense throughout their working life. As new wavelengths are required, and intensity of LEDs continues, additional LED Array Modules (LAM®s) can be added and interchanged in the unit.

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