• A New Milestone in the Size Reduction Technology!

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A New Milestone in the Size Reduction Technology!

Aug 28 2007

Discover a completely new dimension of high-tech grinding with the new Fritsch GmbH premium line: For the first time, we have sunk the bowls in our high performance Planetary Mills. Brilliantly simple brilliantly effective! This allows us to reach new rotation speeds never known before and ultra-fine grinding results down to the nano range.
Particularly beautiful, particularly practical: The new, compact design of the Fritsch premium line fits perfectly with the increased requirements of a modern laboratory. State-of-the-art technology combines maximum performance, special reliability and quiet running with minimal space requirements.

The most important change involves the positioning of the grinding bowl. The unique SelfLOCK technology allows the bowl to be sunk into the sun disk of the planetary mill. Previously it was clamped onto the sun disk. In the pulverisette 7 premium line this leads to:

premium - performance
- The centre of gravity of the bowl is at a lower level on the sun disk. This allows for significantly higher centrifugal forces and achieving higher speeds up to 1100 rpm
- This speed increase leads to 150% higher energy application
- The nano size range is now achieved much more quickly. This is particularly relevant to customers involved in mechanical alloying where higher energy is required

Apart from enhanced performance improvements in operation and safety of planetary mills was another essential development objective. The SelfLOCK grinding bowl mounting makes planetary mills as easy and safe to operate as laboratory centrifuges.

premium - operation
- The SelfLOCK grinding bowl mounting allows single-handed operation without the need for any additional clamping
- The grinding chamber opens and closes automatically
- The bowls position themselves automatically and are easy to remove
- A touch screen allows simple and fast programming of the mill.

The display offers a wide choice of different languages Many customers will appreciate the new safety features. Our intention was to eliminate any possible errors in operating the mill. We have achieved this through:

premium - safety
- The mill detects that the bowls are correctly positioned. In the event of an error message, the mill will not start; instead it gives a warning signal
- RFID chips integrated into the bowls allow for automatic detection of the bowl materials and bowl sizes
- A locking mechanism retains the bowls securely locked in the lid
- During the grinding process any possible imbalance is detected by a sensor and automatically the mill switches off.

Many other unique features characterise the new benchmark premium line. USB, Bluetooth and Ethernet interfaces allow communication with computers. For instance, users in the pharmaceutical industry can validate grinding processes and monitor them by computer. Special lids are now available for all bowls to ensure pressure-tight grinding. This also allows grinding of sensitive materials in inert gases such as argon or nitrogen.

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