• Dynamic Image Analysis: A Faster Solution than Sieving
    Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer for measurement of powders, solids, suspensions and emulsions
  • Fast alternative to sieving Sieve analysis: 1 hour versus < 5 minutes

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Dynamic Image Analysis: A Faster Solution than Sieving

Feb 08 2023

Results in less than 5 minutes in a measuring range from 5 µm – 20 mm

Save time and reduce costs with the Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer from Fritsch. This dynamic image analysis tool eliminates the need for preparatory and final weighing, sieve stack assembly, and time-consuming cleaning. Simply add your sample, start the measurement, and receive the results in under 5 minutes. Not only does the ImageSizer provide equivalent particle size distribution results, it also offers valuable insights into particle shape. The digital results are immediately available for further processing, without the need for calibration or purchasing new sieves. Streamline your particle analysis with this efficient and cost-effective solution.

Display of measurement results according your specifications

Customise your particle analysis reports with ease using the freely configurable report generator. Automatically display results in a variety of formats, including cloud, cumulative curve, bar chart, and table, or create a layout to suit your specific sieve analysis needs. The results can be easily printed exactly as they appear on the screen for clear and convenient presentation.

Different samples can be compared immediately

Easily compare multiple measurements in a single graph and quickly identify differences between samples. The direct visual evaluation feature is ingeniously simple and uniquely flexible, providing quick and efficient analysis.

Wide range of applications

The Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer offers a wide range of applications, including the dry measurement of powders and bulk solids with a measuring range of 20 μm to 20 mm, and the wet measurement of suspensions and emulsions with a measuring range of 5 µm to 3 mm. To see how the ImageSizer has been used in various industries, check out Fritsch’s extensive sizing reports.

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