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From ?boulder? to Nano-particles

Nov 07 2006

Medium-hard to hard materials with edge lengths up to 95 mm can be pre-crushed with the Fritsch GmbH Jaw Crusher "pulverisette 1" for further comminution in many FRITSCH mills. These include

? Mortar Grinder "pulverisette 2"
? Disk Mill "pulverisette 13"
? Vibratory Micro Mill "pulverisette 0"
? Vibrating Cup Mill "pulverisette 9"
? Mini-Mill "pulverisette 23"
? Planetary Ball Mills like "pulverisette 4", "pulverisette 5", "pulverisette 6" and "pulverisette 7"

Using any of these instruments, material can be more or less quickly ground to "analytical fineness", i.e. smaller than 63 µm. To achieve significantly finer materials as the starting point for creating Nano-powders, the first two instruments mentioned are no longer suitable.

Previously the production of particles under 1 µm with mills from our product range has only been achieved with planetary ball mills. Because of this we developed the Planetary Mono Mill "pulverisette 6" and found that when it was used to grind quartz sand as the preferred "model" material and without any liquid addition this was an appropriate test situation. When the material adheres to the bowl wall and the grinding balls and it is generally assumed that the end of the "dry grinding" process has been reached.
A 250 ml grinding bowl of zirconium oxide and 20 mm grinding balls of the same material were used for this test series.

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