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Extended Range of Diagnostic Tools

Jun 20 2008

Specifically developed for research in fundamental plasma physics, the Hiden Analytical range of plasma diagnostic tools is now extended with the addition of the new PSM plasma monitor. The family now comprises two mass spectrometer systems - the PSM and EQP II - together with the Espion Langmuir- style plasma probe.
The mass spectrometers provide measurement of plasma ion and neutral species, with the integrated energy filter enabling measurement of the energy of each plasma ion type. The PSM system is configured to provide measurement of positive ions, with the EQP II system providing both
positive and negative ion measurement. A comprehensive range of accessories includes single, double and triple-stage pressure reduction systems for addressing sampling from process pressures from millitorr to atmospheric, mass range options to 1000amu, measurement of ion energies to 1000eV, and comprehensive magnetic shielding.
The Hiden Espion Langmuir probe provides both static and spacial measurement of the primary DC and RF plasma parameters including ion density, electron density, electron temperature distribution and plasma uniformity. Probes are supplied with optional lengths up to 1.2M, and linear motion drives with travel up to 0.9M.
Both the probe and the linear drive operation are fully programmable. All systems feature state-of-art control with integrated timing and gating circuits and sub-microsecond response for optimum characterisation of pulsed plasma processes.

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