• Hiden Analytical's HPR-40 DEMS System Breakthrough for Energy Storage Research

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Hiden Analytical's HPR-40 DEMS System Breakthrough for Energy Storage Research

Sep 12 2023

Hiden Analytical, a global leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance scientific instruments, today showcased how its groundbreaking HPR-40 Differentially Pumped Mass Spectrometer (DEMS) system is driving new frontiers in energy storage research.

The Hiden HPR-40 DEMS system provides a sophisticated solution for the real-time analysis of gases and volatile species evolved in electrochemical reactions, a crucial aspect of research in the field of energy storage. The system's ability to track minute chemical changes during reactions is contributing significantly to the development of next-generation batteries, fuel cells, and other energy storage technologies.

"Our HPR-40 DEMS system is optimised to deliver both precision and sensitivity, enabling researchers to gain detailed insights into the behaviour of gases and volatile species during the electrochemical reactions that underpin energy storage systems," said Dr. Dane Walker, Technical Marketing Manager at Hiden Analytical. "This advanced level of understanding is helping to drive the discovery and development of innovative energy storage technologies."

The Hiden HPR-40 DEMS system has been developed with an emphasis on versatility and adaptability. The instrument's broad mass range capability, combined with its fast response times, provides an exceptionally detailed analysis in real-time. It is compatible with a wide variety of electrochemical cells, thereby meeting the needs of researchers across diverse energy storage applications.

Incorporating proprietary Hiden Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer technology and advanced differential pumping, the HPR-40 DEMS system ensures the highest levels of accuracy and sensitivity. These unique features, coupled with its intuitive operation, make the HPR-40 DEMS a powerful tool for both basic research and development, and for product performance evaluation.

"As energy storage technology evolves, we're proud to provide the advanced analytical solutions that researchers need to keep pace with this rapidly changing field," Dr. Walker added. "The HPR-40 DEMS system exemplifies our commitment to enabling our customers to accelerate their discovery and innovation in the vital area of sustainable energy."

Hiden Analytical invites researchers and scientists working on energy storage technologies to explore the advantages offered by the HPR-40 DEMS system in more detail. Please visit the website for further information or email today.

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