• Ultra-Low Temperature Safe Storage and Transport for Pharmaceuticals and Samples
    CEO Dr Gunther Wobser presents the prototype of the Mobifreeze M 270 at Analytica 2022.
  • Mobifreeze M 270 front view, battery on the right side.

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Ultra-Low Temperature Safe Storage and Transport for Pharmaceuticals and Samples

Aug 03 2023

Lauda innovation in deep-freezers is coming

Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biological samples are valuable and sometimes irrecoverable goods that require the highest safety standards. They must be stored and transported within tightly defined temperature limits to ensure their stability and integrity. A renowned pharmaceutical service provider was looking for a new solution for its cold chain logistics and turned to Lauda. Together, they developed the world's first mobile, battery-powered ultra-low temperature freezer: the Lauda Mobifreeze.

Cold chain challenges vary depending on the product. Some require room temperature, others refrigerator temperature, deep freezing, or even ultra-deep freezing. The conventional solutions for the latter are based on PCM (phase change materials) or dry ice. However, both have their drawbacks. PCMs are expensive and require complex logistics, while dry ice entails safety risks and high costs. In addition, they cannot cover all required temperatures.

Lauda and the pharmaceutical company developed the Mobifreeze as an innovative, cost-efficient and safe alternative. The mobile chest is equipped with a powerful lithium iron phosphate battery and can ensure constant storage and transport temperatures both in mains operation and independently of the mains. This means it can be used in both stationary and mobile applications. The Mobifreeze offers a capacity of 270 litres and operates in the temperature range from -86°C to -50°C. It ensures a high level of transport safety and its robust design makes it suitable for use in rough logistics environments.

The advantages of the Mobifreeze are numerous:

  • Three hours of mains-independent operation
  • Active cooling instead of passive cold accumulators
  • No costly procurement and planning as with PCM and dry ice
  • No health risks and ventilation costs as with dry ice
  • Perfect integration into the cold chain and controlled transport conditions
  • Reduction of rearrangements and sample contamination due to one-stop-commissioning
  • Simplified handling and safe sample integrity

The Mobifreeze opens up new possibilities for research and manufacturing pharmaceutical companies as well as logistics companies and offers universities, research institutes, laboratories, biobanks and clinics an innovative solution for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive preparations. It helps to improve quality, efficiency, and safety in pharmaceutical and intralogistics and to create a better (working) environment. Lauda stands for excellence and innovation and lives its credo ‘Empowering Excellence. For a better future’.

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