• Innovative temperature control solutions at analytica 2024
    Lauda Mobifreeze is the world's first mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer. The active cooling enables safe and validated sample transportation. © lauda.de
  • Driving digitalisation forward - remote monitoring, analysis, and control with the digital solutions LAUDA.LIVE and Lauda Command App © lauda.de
  • Lauda Universa combines the entire portfolio of Lauda bath and circulation thermostats in one device line - modular, sustainable, digital, and powerful. © lauda.de

Temperature Control / Sterilising

Innovative temperature control solutions at analytica 2024

Apr 16 2024

At analytica, the world-renowned trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology, Lauda Dr R. Wobser GmbH & Co KG presented cutting-edge advancements in temperature control technology tailored for mobile use, laboratories, and pilot plants.

Lauda introduced ground-breaking solutions in (ultra) deep-freezing, catering to both storage and transportation needs. The Versafreeze range ensures safe and validated storage at temperatures down to -86°C, while Mobifreeze revolutionises cold chain logistics with its world-first mobile, battery-operated ultra-low temperature chest freezer. These innovations simplify frozen sample transport without the usual complexities of dry ice or phase change materials, ensuring sample safety and temperature integrity.

The new Universa device line of bath and circulation thermostats from Lauda embody modularity, sustainability, digitalisation, and power. With bath volumes ranging from 4 to 42 L and cooling capacities of up to 1.5 kW, these thermostats offer precise temperature control for various applications, ensuring an optimal price-performance ratio. Sustainability is prioritised through energy-efficient design and the use of natural refrigerants across all appliance variants.

With a legacy of nearly 70 years in reliable and precise temperature control solutions, Lauda presents an array of cooling, heating, and calibration thermostats, catering to research and development needs. The exhibition includes water baths, shakers, and process thermostats such as the Variocool and Integral lines, covering a wide temperature range from -90 to 320°C. Lauda's process circulators, equipped with LAUDA.LIVE connectivity, offer remote monitoring and analysis, ensuring seamless integration into laboratory processes.

Visitors to the stand were able to explore Lauda's digital solutions, including the Lauda Command app and LAUDA.LIVE, offering control, configuration, and analysis functions across all device lines. The Lauda Command (Professional) app enhances flexibility in temperature control unit operation, enabling users to monitor and analyse data conveniently on desktop and mobile devices.

From cold chain logistics to laboratory research and development, Lauda's innovative temperature control solutions continue to shape the future of scientific and industrial applications.

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