• Mobile battery-powered ULT chest freezer
    With its active cooling, the Mobifreeze ultra-low temperature freezer can be used both stationary and mobile.
  • Easy transportation of valuable samples and products down to -86°C. Unplug and go.

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Mobile battery-powered ULT chest freezer

Feb 01 2024

Lauda, a leading constant temperature equipment manufacturer, introduces the ground-breaking Mobifreeze M 270, a significant leap forward in cold chain logistics. This innovative mobile, battery-powered ultra-low temperature chest freezer ensures secure storage and transport of valuable samples or APIs from -86°C to -50°C, eliminating the need for dry ice. The use of natural refrigerants provides active temperature control, enhancing safety and sustainability.

Safe storage and transport

The actively temperature-controlled Mobifreeze M 270 allows delicate substances, such as gene therapy medicinal products, monoclonal antibodies, or vaccines, to be transported safely under identical conditions. The adjustable cooling range is between -86°C and -50°C, with real-time warning signals for temperature limit breaches.

Data logging and monitoring

An integrated data logger records temperature and alarm data, ensuring compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Guidelines for pharmaceutical products. The option for a customer-specific monitoring system adds an extra layer of assurance.

Hybrid system operation

The Mobifreeze functions as a hybrid system, switching between battery and mains operation for stationary storage or mobile transport. This eliminates the risks of damage and contamination associated with traditional transfer processes.

Safety and environmental benefits

Battery operation eliminates the need for hazardous dry ice and phase-change materials during transport, reducing health risks for employees. This shift also eliminates the requirement for expensive exhaust air systems and specific personal protective equipment, resulting in significant cost savings.

User-friendly design

Operated via a 4.3" touch screen, the freezer ensures user-friendly handling even with gloves. Password-protected user management prevents unauthorized access to configuration parameters. Heavy-duty casters, ergonomic handles, and a dead man's brake enhance mobility and safety.

Lauda's Mobifreeze M 270 redefines cold chain logistics in the biopharmaceutical industry, aligning with the company's commitment to ‘Empowering Excellence. For a better Future’. This ground-breaking solution prioritises safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, showcasing LAUDA's dedication to innovative temperature control technologies. The mobile ultra-low temperature chest freezer is now available to revolutionise cold chain logistics.

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