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easyFILL Automated Reagent Dosing Station

Sep 05 2023

Sample preparation is a central part of elemental analysis and includes several manual and time-consuming steps. Reagent addition into digestion vials or vessels is a tedious and often unpleasant step that requires a significant amount of time.

The easyFILL Automated Dosing Station addresses these latter challenges and frees the operator from reagent addition and dilution by automating these steps, with the additional benefits of reducing operator exposure to concentrated acids and ensuring consistency of the process.


easyFILL is fully controlled by a touch screen terminal with customized software. For routine processes the operator simply recalls a stored method with the type and volume of reagents as well as the number of positions in use. Availability of the reagents in the bottles and the waste volume are tracked by the software, so that the operator knows when it is time to refresh a reagent bottle or empty the waste tank. Moreover the software integrates a guided procedure to calibrate the pump, in just few minutes.


easyFILL offers great flexibility with a wide variety of racks to accommodate most digestion vessels and even two sets simultaneously such as two ultraWAVE racks. The system handles up to six reagents at a time (such as HNO3, H2O2, HCl, HF) matching most application needs. easyFILL comes into play before the digestion for acid addition and after for pre-dilution or for acidification of the digested solutions. Moreover, easyFILL is compatible with ICP autosampler racks to avoid additional handling.


The dispensing accuracy of the easyFILL pump ensures great reproducibility, while the hands-off approach and the use of high-purity PTFE for all the acid lines avoids risk of contamination. Moreover, the automatic cleaning of the lines, built into the sequence, avoids contamination when different reagents are dosed.


Handling of concentrated acids and the use of pipettes under a fume hood could expose the operator to the acids. easyFILL automates these processes and avoids acid handling. The built-in exhaust further enhances the safety of operations by diverting any acid vapours to the lab extraction system.

easyFILL: Your Lab Partner for Improved Workflow and Enhanced Safety

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