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Taking productivity and performance to new heights

May 02 2023

The brand-new ultraWAVE 3 further elevates the value of Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology for elemental analysis in terms of performance, time, workflow, and cost of ownership to better meet the challenges of the modern laboratory.

The new features of ultraWAVE 3 merge with those already intrinsic in the technology.

Thanks to its superior digestion capabilities that result from its higher temperature and pressure features, ultraWAVE’s unique SRC technology provides greater digestion efficiency, making it an ideal solution to address these challenges.

Several aspects of the system, such as reduced handling and cleaning and the ability to process any samples simultaneously, streamline the daily routine of the lab, reducing turnaround time and increasing lab efficiency for elemental analysis.



The more rigorous digestion conditions facilitate complete decomposition of the sample, ensuring that all target elements are in solution, even for the toughest and most chemically stable samples.


The use of low acid volumes or diluted acids in combination with high temperature reduces blank levels and dilution factors.


Complete digestion of the sample matrix also ensures the lowest residual carbon content thereby reducing polyatomic-based interferences during the analysis.


The combination of wide pressure range and accurate digestion control enables the safe digestion of larger sample masses - even for very reactive samples.

The vials and racks of ultraWAVE 3 are specifically designed to reduce assembly and disassembly time. The operator has only to place loose-fitting caps on the vials and the rack is ready for the digestion process. This approach eliminates the operator time required for closing and opening of the vessels, typically involved with the rotor-based systems.

The wide selection of racks and vials enables to match the detection limit, productivity, and application requirements of modern laboratories. Racks are available with different capacities to fit any sample type and mass. Vials are available in high-purity PTFE-TFM, high-purity quartz, and common laboratory glass (disposable) to address the detection limit and application needs of every lab.

See what ultraWAVE 3 can do for your lab.

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