• Empowering Greener Laboratories: Pipette Tip Filters Achieve ACT® Label from My Green Lab®


Empowering Greener Laboratories: Pipette Tip Filters Achieve ACT® Label from My Green Lab®

Aug 13 2023

Porex, a global leader in porous polymer, proudly announces that My Green Lab® has granted the prestigious ACT® Label to its pipette tip filters - a significant recognition for environmentally responsible laboratory products.

The ACT Label, akin to nutrition labels designed for laboratory settings, offers transparent insights into product sustainability, empowering lab managers to make eco-conscious choices while upholding quality. Porex's achievement of this label underscores its unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices and innovative product offerings.

The ACT methodology rigorously evaluates manufacturing processes, energy consumption, water usage, packaging efficiency, and end-of-life considerations. Independent audits by SMS Collaborative, LLC (SMSC) enhance the credibility of environmental claims associated with products bearing the ACT Label.

Porex's complete range of pipette tip filters, available in the UK, EU, and USA, now proudly bears the ACT Label - a testament to the company's dedication to sustainability and quality. This accomplishment assures lab managers that choosing Porex aligns with their environmental goals while maintaining operational efficiency.

This achievement solidifies Porex's commitment to environmental responsibility, marking a significant step towards greener laboratory practices. Porex continues to lead by introducing innovative solutions that elevate lab processes while ensuring a positive impact on sustainability.

For more information on Porex's environmentally friendly ACT-labelled pipette tip filters, please visit the website.

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