• Autoclaves That Are Winning the Fight Against Bacterial Cross-contamination

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Autoclaves That Are Winning the Fight Against Bacterial Cross-contamination

Nov 06 2006

Independently monitored laboratory tests have shown that the presence of BioCote, an exterior surface coating technology that fights the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms, is a fundamental element in helping to control bacterial cross contamination on Priorclave?s range of autoclaves.

A recent swabbing trial was an exercise to demonstrate that the presence of BioCote reduces the number of bacteria on a Priorclave Ltd autoclave. The results, taken from three separate locations, showed a reduction of up to 78% in the number of bacteria on a BioCote treated surface compared to an untreated surface. Results were expected to be very encouraging but the statistics received regarding the amount by which micro organisms were reduced exceeded all expectations.

Dale R. Taylor from the Institute of Biomedical Research at The University of Birmingham explained ?The swabs were taken from three areas on each autoclave to obtain representative data. This included swabbing the front, the side and the control panel. On completion of these stages, swabs were sent to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory to obtain TVC (Total Visible Count) results. The final results revealed that a BioCote treated autoclave will harbour overall 78% less bacteria than an untreated autoclave.?

Within a laboratory and sterile environment it is critical that samples are not subject to microbial contamination. If a sample is contaminated by bacteria that is not a part of the testing process then hours of work could be lost and financial costs may occur as it is re-tested.

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