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Benchtop Autoclaves Give Superb Service

May 02 2023

If you operate a small laboratory with limited floor space, have relatively small items for sterilization and throughput is infrequent then a benchtop autoclave could be the most appropriate choice. Whilst there are many models available one of the most popular brand names is Priorclave, a British company dedicated to the design and manufacture of steam sterilizers.

The popularity of Priorclave benchtop laboratory and research grade autoclaves has grown over many years through recognition of their robust build quality, great sterilizing performance and superior durability. They are known for lowering the cost of ownership due to their service longevity and energy efficiency. Customers also enjoyed pre and aftersales support worldwide.

The current Priorclave range of benchtop autoclaves offer standard chamber sizes, 40L and 60L, plus there is the availability of models with vacuum facility.  Autoclaves with vacuum system will forcibly remove residual air from within the chamber and load, usually in multiple vacuum phases with interspersed heating. The presence of air in a load can prevent direct contact by the sterilizing media with micro-organism which are held inside tubes, deformed petri dishes, etc.  The vacuum system ensures that steam circulates freely for deep penetration into the load.

Everything about Priorclave benchtop autoclaves is designed to appeal to those wanting a simple to operate machine.  Out of the box, these machines require plugging directly into a 230V, single-phase supply. And all steam sterilising process parameters are easily programmed through the Tactrol®3 controller, allowing for adjustment of temperature and time for simple cycles to fully featured multi-programme operation.  This powerful controller gives unrivalled flexibility, monitoring and management of the process cycle.

More recently Priorclave introduce new models, available in Base and Smart versions, giving customers a greater range of benchtop autoclaves. The Base range covers “the basics” - media preparation, waste loads, and sterilizing loose instruments, open containers, and labware. These high-efficiency cylindrical chamber front-loading autoclaves are well suited to smaller research, quality assurance and teaching laboratories. The SMART range is intended for industrial, research, and production labs and facilities with greater or more diverse needs. They adeptly handle standard tasks (e.g. media prep, waste loads, labware) but can also produce drier loads and more reliably handle complex loads that tend to trap air.

Buy in the knowledge that every care is taken to build robust machines with a superior exterior finish to body panels and frames preventing potential for cross-contamination within laboratories. During manufacture Priorclave incorporates Biomaster Protection into the exterior epoxy coating, a highly effective and permanent treatment for control of harmful bacteria, making any surface cleaner, more hygienic and providing durable lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination.

Buying a Priorclave brand of autoclave should be viewed as an investment. The high standards maintained at every stage of design and autoclaves production at Priorclave’s UK manufacturing centre ensures the operational longevity of every research grade laboratory autoclave. All products are supported by first class pre- and after-sales technical support and warranty.

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