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Faster Sterilization of High-Volume loads

Nov 08 2022

Steam and water jacketed, rectangular chamber autoclaves can deliver both faster sterilizing processes and drier loads more quickly and reliably. And they are now available within the new SMART RANGE of laboratory and research grade autoclaves designed and built by Priorclave at its London based manufacturing centre.

Current models available from Priorclave offer a choice of six chambers capacities from 230 to 350 litres (two hand wheels) and 400 to 700 litres (three hand wheels). All models are fitted with a large hand-wheel closure system for easy safe opening/closing of the rigid robust hinged door. An inherent feature is the fitting of thermal and pressure locks to the lower hand-wheel. This prevents door opening at load temperature above 80°C and pressures above 0.2 bar, this averting potential accidents through discharge of hot pressurized steam.

The popularity of this style of autoclave is due its exceptional large, rectangular sterilizing chamber. This makes them eminently suitable for laboratories undertaking high-volume throughputs or frequently tasked with handling taller and bulkier items.

SMART laboratory autoclaves incorporate Tactrol®3, the very latest sterilizing process controller developed by Priorclave. It caters for set up of simple cycles to fully features multi-program sterilizing operations with printed records. It has an expanded memory, allowing labs to program twice as many custom cycles each with their own start delays, temperature and pressure ramps, repeats, dwell times, vacuum stages and set points, media warming/ hold temperatures, etc.

The purpose of the new SMART range of large chamber autoclaves is to incorporate most of the popular features requested over many years, but now include them as standard, such as built-in cooling, freesteaming, drain protection, air-intake filtration and USB connector as standard.  The whole concept from Priorclave is to off more features and benefits as standard, whilst making the process of autoclave selection easier.

Priorclave’s SMART range of research grade laboratory autoclaves are ideal to handle the many demanding sterilizing applications within food and drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agriculture, education, heathcare and research laboratories. Faster to heat up and faster to cool, and a relatively small footprint allows some of the smaller labs to have the highest capacity and performance steam autoclaves available.

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