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The Small Smart Autoclave

May 08 2023

Priorclave vertical laboratory and research grade autoclaves solve a problem when it comes to sterilizing the tallest flasks, fermentors and bioreactors.  They are referred to as vertical autoclaves or top loading sterilizers as the cylindrical chamber is mounted upright.  And with heating elements in the base, it provides for faster and more efficient build-up of high-temperature, pressurised sterilising steam. It makes them an extremely cost-efficient autoclave ideal for either continuous or periodic sterilising requirements.

One of the newer ranges recently introduced by this British dedicated autoclave design and manufacturing company Priorclave is SMART autoclaves. Available with chamber capacities of 60L and 85L, these machines are known for their compact footprint of just 492mm by 625mm. It often makes them the ideal choice for laboratories looking for a relatively small autoclave but who cannot accommodate a benchtop model and where there is limited floor space.

Where there are demanding loads that need sterilizing, the only smart solution is a research grade laboratory autoclave developed from Priorclave. These top loading autoclaves are ideal for standard tasks such as media prep, waste loads, labware, they also produce drier loads and can more reliably handle complex loads that tend to trap air.

Smart autoclaves are intended for industrial, research, and production labs and facilities with greater or more diverse needs. Typically, they will be used for processing mixed waste, biological waste, pathogen-heavy materials, cloth and textile sterilization, soil and substrate preparation, wrapped instruments, and porous loads. A distinct advantage of these models is that they can more reliably handle complex loads that tend to trap air but also produce drier loads.

Every top-loading autoclave incorporates Tactrol®3, a programmable controller that brings a more simplistic approach to function settings. It gives more precise control and delivers information on cycle process to achieve the ultimate in sterilisation performance.

The Priorclave SMART top loading laboratory and research grade autoclaves are among the most compact units on the market today. The 60L model accommodates two stainless steel wire mesh baskets, whereas the 85L sterilizing chamber can handle up to three mesh baskets.

Access to the sterilising chamber is gained through the patented Quickseal single-action door closure/opening mechanism. Designed for one handed operation, it features and incorporates thermal and pressure locks preventing opening at unsafe temperatures and pressure to prevent personal injury.

The build quality and performance of Priorclave top loading autoclaves is unquestionable - durable and dependable. They incorporate epoxy coated panels and frame members treated with an anti-bacterial agent that is highly effective and a permanent treatment for control of harmful bacteria. It makes surfaces cleaner, more hygienic and provides a durable lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination. And is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and is highly effective against MRSA, E coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and over fifty other species.

Buying a Priorclave brand of autoclave is an investment. The high standards maintained at every stage of design and autoclave production at Priorclave’s UK manufacturing centre ensures the operational longevity of every research grade laboratory autoclave. And every sterilizer benefits from first class pre- and after-sales technical support and warranty.

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