• Automated Colony Counter helps Users Relax while Counting Colonies

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Automated Colony Counter helps Users Relax while Counting Colonies

Mar 10 2015

The GLP-conform schuett colonyQuant Automated Colony Counter has been designed for daily needs in modern microbiological labs. The system acquires images and counts colonies at the push of a button. The user-friendly software is able to count within seconds up to 1,000 colonies on a Petri dish.

Colonies may be distinguished according to their colour, shape and size. One unique feature of schuett colonyQuant is the rapid change of methods, from counting Petri dishes with various agar types to evaluation of nutrient disks, spiral plating and inhibition zone analysis. Mixed cultures may be evaluated separately with up to 8 colours simultaneously. It easily analyses poured agar plates that vary in thickness or have an uneven surface or are poured slightly inclined.

The schuett colonyQuant HD has been specially designed for Quality Control in water industries for analysing very small colonies of minimum 0.05 mm diameter. The system features a light-proof sample chamber and is optionally available with two different high resolution autofocus/autozoom colour cameras (with live image, optical zoom, digital zoom) as well as two types of connection between camera and PC or Laptop. An UV-light source for counting of fluorescent colonies is integrated as standard.

For your documentation: the original and the evaluated image will be stored and may be reported digitally with all relevant data of the analysis for printing and re-opening at any time for re-evaluation. All sample relevant settings, including the camera zoom function, are stored in the user profile. The schuett colonyQuant is portable and requires only little space on your workbench. 

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