• Revolutionise bacterial counting with schuett colonyQuant software

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Revolutionise bacterial counting with schuett colonyQuant software

Feb 23 2024

  • You wish to simplify the counting of your Petri dishes?
  • You would like to digitise your counting process?
  • You need comprehensive documentation?

Let schuett-biotec convince you of their comfortable software and get reliable results in quantitative bacterial counting.

In the context of hygiene management, the total bacterial count is one of the most important key indicators.

The schuett-biotec colony counters stand for efficient and reliable counting.

Designed for quality assurance in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as microbiological testing laboratories - for water samples, bioburden tests, filters etc.

Step into the future of colony counting with the cutting-edge schuett colonyQuant software – with a more intuitive and user-friendly guidance allows counting within seconds, with only 2 clicks.

No matter whether you evaluate 400 or only 20 samples per day ... whether your Petri dishes to be evaluated have a diameter of 60, 90 or 150 mm ... up to 3,000 colonies are counted on one Petri dish.

Be impressed by counting within seconds and seamless transitions between culture media, plate shapes/sizes or enumeration methods as well as the quick switch between stored counting parameters on different agarsorts, count nutrient discs/filters or Petrifilm. Furthermore, suitable for counting samples of drinking water or process water samples, for RODAC plates etc.

A clearly arranged database saves and documents all counting results.

The basic software can be easily extended with various optionally AddOns - only depending on your needs and applications.

Default the software works with different user levels and configurable user rights. Optionally to be extended for 21CFR Part 11 compliant audit trails.

Our light-tight closed sample chamber is equipped with a full HD video camera with live image display and autofocus/autozoom. Combined with our 3-level imaging system, this combination ensures optimal illumination and maximum precision. UV excitation as off-the-shelf standard for working with fluorescent germs such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa or MPN.

Join the next step to laboratory automation. Direct Data integration in your LIMsystem? Comprehensive IQ/OQ documentation? Advanced Robot Automation?

Now the versatility of the system becomes visible ...

You only have a few samples and want to count them manually?

We recommend the schuett count manual colony counter. Freely selectable LED illumination modes (top, bottom, side), whose illumination intensity can be adjusted according to the laboratory environment, eye-friendly, glare-free and without reflection. The counting pulse is triggered by tapping the Petri dish and marking the individual colonies with a felt-tip pen and simultaneously marking them. The 4-digit LED display on the instrument immediately shows the result. A standard USB interface allows data transfer directly to your PC. Averaging for series or serial examinations at the touch of a button. For up to 99 values with a total of max. 32,500 colonies. Working magnifiers, contrast, spiral plater or Wolffhügel disks - depending on requirements - are available as optional accessories.     

Please contact schuett-biotec.

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