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schuett-biotec GmbH: Reliable products – Made in Germany

Apr 19 2024

schuett solaris Inoculating Loop Steriliser

Technology for sterilisation without a flame… state-of-the art and sustainable.

For sterilising inoculating loops, tweezers or small instruments within seconds.

The perfect solution where an open flame is to be avoided, gas cartridges or a central gas supply is not available.

The schuett solaris is used with standard electrical power. The device reaches the safe working temperature of 900 – 1.300 °C within the split of a second.

Easiest handling and efficient working is guaranteed by using the comfortable IR sensor and integrated timer. The steriliser detects the approaching inoculating loop by means of a contact-free sensor and automatically starts the reproducible sterilisation cycle for 5 or 7 seconds.

A quartz tube serves as the sterilisation chamber to keep pathogenic material from spreading and can easily be removed for cleaning.

Benefit from sustainability: the schuett solaris is always ready for operation, no waste of time energy during preheating, no energy consumption between the work cycles.

schuett phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner

Useable for all laboratory applications this devie offers the highest safety standards

Controlled burn-time (1 sec-120 min); automatic safety shutdown if not in use; overheating protection/burner control with integrated sensors; exact economic flame adjustment; ignition and flame monitoring.

There are three models and various accessories available; comfortable operation with IR-Sensor, with hand mode or with foot-switch; for use with natural gas or propane/butane; with built-in rechargeable high-power-battery (model accu). Built-in battery-charger.

The clever design boasts a fresh, modern housing design made completely of stainless steel and safety glass. It is UV- and solvent resistant, flame-sterilisable and easy to clean. Users will benefit from the multifunctional joystick navigation and the gas- and air control with state-of-the-art ‘Click-Stop’ features.

The easy-to-read high intensity colour display features practical menu navigation in more than 10 international languages. Information and warning symbols are displayed in written form and self-explanatory pictograms.

schuett count colony counter - manually

Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies and bacteriophage plaques growing on nutrient agar or nutrient disks/filter disks in Petri dishes.

Freely selectable LED illumination modes (top, bottom, side), whose illumination intensity can be adjusted according to the laboratory environment, eye-friendly, glare-free and without reflection. The counting pulse is triggered by tapping the Petri dish and marking the individual colonies with a felt-tip pen and simultaneously marking them. The 4-digit LED display on the instrument immediately shows the result. A standard USB interface allows data transfer directly to your PC. Averaging for series or serial examinations at the touch of a button. For up to 99 values with a total of max. 32,500 colonies. Working magnifiers, contrast, spiral plater or Wolffhügel disks - depending on requirements - are available as optional accessories.    

schuett count colony counter - automated

Do the next step from manually into automated colony counting and get reliable results.

You wish to simplify the counting of your Petri dishes? Do you need comprehensive documentation of the counted samples? Would you like to digitise the counting process?

Efficient and reliable counting with optimised hardware and the latest software, the schuett colonyQuant breaks new ground in digital technology.

The new schuett colonyQuant software with intuitive user guidance allows counting within seconds, with only 2 clicks ...

No matter whether you evaluate 400 or only 20 samples per day ... whether your Petri dishes to be evaluated have a diameter of 60, 90 or 150 mm ... up to 3,000 colonies are counted on one Petri dish.

Now even easier to use. Quickly switch between stored counting parameters on different agar sorts and count nutrient discs/filters or Petrifilm, etc.

UV excitation as off-the-shelf standard for working with fluorescent germs such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa or MPN.

A clearly arranged database saves and documents all counting results. 21CFR Part 11 – LIM system – IQ/OQ documentation – no problem! The Basic software can be extended with various AddOns, depending on your needs and application. Here the versatility of the system becomes visible ...                                     

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