• Reliable Results in Quantitative Microbial Counting

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Reliable Results in Quantitative Microbial Counting

Aug 19 2020

Designed for the quality assurance in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and microbiological test laboratories.

Do you want to simplify your Petri dishes count? 

Do you need a comprehensive documentation of the counted samples?

Within the framework of hygiene management the total bacteria count one of the most important key figures. The schuett-biotec colony counting devices stand for rational and reliable counting.

No matter whether you need to count per day 400 or only 20 samples... whether your Petri dishes have 60, 90 or 150 mm diameter...

The automatic colony counter schuett colonyQuant offers the software solution for counting bacteria colonies in Petri dishes. Easy to operate it enables in seconds to count up to 1,000 colonies to one Petri dish.

The software detects colonies by colour, shape and size. Therefore it can distinguish between germs and foreign particles between them. It is able to switch quickly the methods like counting of colonies on different agar varieties, counting of nutrient pads or Petrifilm.

The schuett colony Quant is especially suitable for working with drinking water or process water samples etc. and also for RODAC plates.

All models are already equipped with UV excitation for the working with fluorescent germs, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa or with MPN.

The software documents the uncounted as well as the counted Petri dish. Results and settings are logged. Personal notes will be stored together with the count result. 

Do you work with a LIMS system? The counting results can be transferred from the schuett colonyQuant software directly to your LIMS system. User levels with different User rights enable GLP-compliant work. IQ/OQ documentation optionally available.

The sample chamber, which may be closed lightproof is equipped with a high resolution video camera which combines newest LED lighting technology including autofocusing/autozoom. The user will get a true-colour live image the Petri dish to be counted in HDMI quality.

Do you have only a few samples and want to count them manually?

We recommend the schuett count manually colony counter

Freely selectable LED illumination (top, bottom, side), illuminance according to the laboratory environment adjustable, gentle on the eyes, glare-free and without reflection The counting pulse is done by tapping the Petri dish, which will trigger the counting impulse and simultaneously mark the individual colonies.

The 4-digit LED display on the device shows the result immediately. A standard USB interface enables data transmission directly to your PC. Averaging for serial or serial examinations per push the button. For up to 99 values with a total of max. 32,500 colonies. 

Working magnifiers, contrast, Spiral Plater disk or Wolffhügel disk - depending on requirements - as optional accessories available.

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