• Sterilisation of inoculating loops, tweezers and small instruments within seconds

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Sterilisation of inoculating loops, tweezers and small instruments within seconds

May 21 2014

Newest technology

·       Electrical, no gas needed, no open flame

·       Instant-ready-to-use, no warm-up time, no waiting

Fast and safe sterilisation

·       Sterilisation temperature 900 – 1,300°C

·       Touch-free start with IR-sensor

·       Timer for reproducible working cycles (5 and 7 seconds)

·       Integrated quartz tube keeps pathogenic material from spreading

·       No sooth or dust to soil table/environment

Economical, low-cost operation

·       No energy consumption between work cycles

·       Heat is generated only during the actual sterilisation process – even when used in continuous mode no risk of burns if surface is touched by hand

More advantages when working in the laminar flow

·       Low heat emission does not interfere with the laminar air flow

·       No emittance of soot, does not impair the function of the HEPA-filters

There is no gas? – Electrical power is always available!

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