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New Precision UTM Series Expands Testing Capabilities

Jul 03 2023

AUTOGRAPH AGX-V2 from Shimadzu

Shimadzu announces the European release of the new AGX-V2 series of AUTOGRAPH universal testing machines (UTM). The AGX-V2 is the upgrade of the popular AGX-V and improves and expands upon the many valuable features of that series.

The new AGX-V2 series extends the existing range of the AUTOGRAPH AGX-V series – two table-top types of 10 and 50 kilonewton (kN) and four floor types from 10 to 600 kN – with several new models:

  • Wide-type testing frames with a test width of 1,000 mm: allowing even large objects to be tested
  • Reinforced yoke models: for testing in the upper testing space
  • Separate controller models: enabling testing in environments with conductive dust, testing of conductive materials and testing material with high breaking impact 

In addition, the AGX-V2 series also offers an optional operation controller and a voice-control function for even greater operability. 

Enhanced possibilities and clever new functions 

To better satisfy the needs and desires of customers, the AUTOGRAPH AGX-V2 series incorporates outstanding new functions and improvements. These features make the series ideally suited for testing both regular materials as well as those requiring large test forces, such as metals and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP). 

The AGX-V2 series provides exceptionally high-level performance thanks to a high-rigidity frame as well as high-speed sampling and high-accuracy automatic control by means of dual CPUs. Revolutionary control technology achieves both high real-time control responsiveness and stability. And extensive safety measures protect both operator and machine, including safety covers for the front and the rear of the test space, an intelligent crosshead that prevents jig impacts and self-diagnostic functions supporting maintenance intervals.

In addition, advanced TRAPEZIUMX-V software delivers improvements to the user interface and increased data reliability as well as completely new features such as a USB camera function to record test results and a high-speed return function for reducing longer test cycles. The software also ensures high-accuracy measurements of strengthened materials for the purpose of reducing the weight of transportation equipment.

The AGX-V2 also offers an operation controller as an option to the smart controller. This provides fast results and analyses – without the need of a separate computer. Meanwhile, XV-Talk enables voice commands for increasing operational speed when multiple actions are requested at the same time.

Performance matters

Strength testing is essential to a wide range of industries. It involves applying a force to deform an object while measuring the relationship between the applied force and the amount of deformation. Shimadzu’s AUTOGRAPH series of precision universal testing machines are widely used for tensile testing, compression testing, shear testing and various other testing.

But performance requirements for testing machines have continued to increase in recent years. Examples include steel industry requirements for strain rate control accuracy that meet international standards for tensile testing of metal materials as well as automotive, aircraft and other industry requirements for shaft alignment accuracy, which is important for testing composite materials to match the accelerating pace of R&D work in those industries. In addition, as the number of testing machine operators increases in every field, customers are requesting systems offering easier operation, higher safety and better functionality for ensuring data reliability.       

Noteworthy features of the new AGX-V2 series:

  • Highest measurement capabilities in the industry

The 10 kHz sampling rate doubles the level available on previous models – already among the fastest in the industry – enabling test force values to be acquired 10,000 times per second. Also, for tests using the strain control method specified in ISO 6892, the control frequency has increased ten-fold for an even higher level of responsiveness. 

In addition, the AGX-V2 series offers an outstanding measurement precision range, including a model that guarantees precision up to 1/2,000. The series is also highly expandable, including the ability to input up to 20 analogue signal channels by adding an optional analogue input unit. And the testing machine’s shaft alignment has been confirmed to have Class 10 accuracy through ASTM E1012-compliant inspections performed during the manufacturing process. This means forces can be applied even more vertically.

  • User-friendlier operations

The AGX-V2 can be operated either with the smart controller or the operation controller. Both feature an LCD touch panel, which enables multiple settings to be made directly on the machine. The operation controller provides a bigger screen than the smart controller, showing the complete test graph and making easy method creation possible. When the instrument is running, differentiated sounds inform the operator of the instrument’s status. 

By using the new XV-Talk feature, it is possible to operate the system by voice control. In addition, models with a testing capacity of 20 kN or more are equipped with multi-joints for connecting grips and other testing jigs. The multi-joints increase safety and working efficiency by eliminating the need to replace heavy joints.

  • New functionality to prevent instrument problems

A new self-diagnostic function confirms instrument status and automatically records the operating hours and keeps an operation log. The instrument also automatically notifies the operator when parts should be replaced. In addition, systems are equipped with a wide variety of other functions, including one that prevents operating errors from resulting in collisions between jigs.

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