• The breakthrough in ultrasonic optical flaw detection
    Shimadzu’s new MAIVIS-MIV-X.

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The breakthrough in ultrasonic optical flaw detection

Nov 03 2023


Shimadzu, a world leader in analytical instrumentation and testing equipment, is pleased to introduce the MIV-X ultrasonic optical flaw detector, a revolutionary inspection method that unveils hidden surface and near-surface flaws. Unlike traditional ultrasonic flaw detection systems, the MIV-X not only detects defects such as cracks, delamination, and voids but also visually displays them.

Go deeper, see better

The MIV-X offers advanced surface and near-surface inspection capabilities, allowing precise detection right up to the surface, making it highly effective for identifying issues such as coating peeling. It significantly expands the inspection area by utilising the entire field of view of the camera, reducing overall inspection time and extending the observation field to an impressive 400 x 600 mm. Moreover, the MIV-X excels in addressing the challenge of varying acoustic impedance, successfully pinpointing defects in multi-material samples.

MIV - make it visible

The MAIVIS-MIV-X utilises Shimadzu's proprietary light-imaging technique, combining ultrasonic oscillation and laser-light imaging irradiation. The inspection area is monitored with a camera, making it easy to non-destructively detect any microscopic out-of-plane surface displacement caused by shearography. Flaws are visualised on the display through the discontinuity of the ultrasonic wave.

This ultrasonic optical flaw detection is particularly adept at revealing internal flaws that are typically challenging to find using conventional ultrasonic testing, down to a depth of about 1 mm. This includes issues like bonding surface peeling in heterogeneous materials, paint, thermal sprays, coatings, and more. 

Applications across industries

The MIV-X's expanded capabilities are invaluable in various industries such as Materials, Chemicals, Electrical, Electronics, Semiconductors, Transport, and Infrastructure. It's suitable for inspecting dissimilar material joints, identifying cracks beneath films, and delamination of adhesive surfaces between different materials.

Additional capabilities of the MIV-X include a Noise-Removal function, which simplifies the process of identifying flaws and improves the clarity of defect images. The Dimension Display and Marking functions streamline the identification of defect position and size, enhancing the overall inspection process. Additionally, for enhanced defect visualisation, an optional Optical Zoom Set is available, allowing for the examination of even smaller defects and enabling precise laser-optical axis adjustment.

A new benchmark

The MIV-X Ultrasonic Optical Flaw Detector advances flaw detection by making surface and near-surface inspections quick and easy. Shimadzu's innovation is set to become the new standard for fast, accurate, and effortless flaw detection, adding another dimension to non-destructive testing.

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