• TipOne<sup>®</sup> Sterile Refill System nominated for “Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year”.

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TipOne® Sterile Refill System nominated for “Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year”.

Nov 16 2022

Which laboratory products are the best? The ones which have the most impact on how scientists work in their laboratories. The TipOne® sterile refill system of Hamburg-based laboratory product manufacturer Starlab falls into this category. Not only does it assist scientists in their work, but it also ultimately improves sustainability in the laboratory. This characteristic has been confirmed by members of Select Science, one of the leading independent online sources of information for the scientific community. Scientists have been able to nominate and select their favourite products in each category for the Scientists’ Choice Awards since 2007. This year, Starlab’s TipOne® sterile refill system has been shortlisted, among other products, in the newly introduced “Sustainable Lab Products of the Year” prize category. 

“We are delighted to have been nominated in this important category. At Starlab, we focus strongly on sustainability and plan to ramp up our endeavours to ensure that sustainable thought and action become the standard,” says Klaus Ambos, CEO of Starlab International GmbH.

Scientists around the world have been casting their votes for the best lab products of the year for 15 years in the context of the Scientists' Choice Awards. Starlab’s TipOne sterile refill system has been nominated by scientists and editors as the sustainable product of the year in the “reducing consumables and reagents” category. 

Headquartered in Hamburg, laboratory product manufacturer Starlab has more than 20 years of experience in recycling the plastic materials it uses. Back in 1998, Starlab launched its TipOne® pipette tip system and, more than eight years ago, it brought its sterile tip refill system onto the market. As Klaus Ambos states: “Sterile tips in racks produce large volumes of plastic waste, which in turn incurs a great deal of recycling costs. Our TipOne® sterile refill system is not only the most cost-effective alternative to sterile tips but also the more environmentally compatible. Laboratories can considerably reduce their plastic waste and use the tip racks again and again in the sure knowledge that the sterility of the tips has not been compromised.” The TipOne® sterile refill system fulfils the standards of any laboratory for ultra-sterile tips and filter tips. The company, which operates out of Hamburg, is also investing in researching and developing products which require less raw materials without affecting quality.

Up until 2 December, scientists can select nominated products HERE which, in their opinion, have earned the title of “Sustainable Lab Product of the Year”. All votes will be checked and counted, and the winner will be announced shortly after voting has ended on 2 December 2022.

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