• Full Compliance with Strict Environmental Regulations Assists with New Total Nitrogen Detector Module

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Full Compliance with Strict Environmental Regulations Assists with New Total Nitrogen Detector Module

Dec 18 2006

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leader in serving science announces that its unique HiPerTOC Total Organic Carbon bench top analyzer is the only instrument of its kind to offer full compliance with the strict EN 12260 and DIN 38409 part 27 environmental regulations. These regulations provide approved methodology and standards for analyzing Total Bounded Nitrogen (TNb). This full compliance has been achieved by the addition of a Total Nitrogen Detector module to the HiPerTOC to enable simultaneous Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Bounded Nitrogen (TNb) analysis. Compliance with the regulations is of the highest importance for environmental contract and industrial laboratories monitoring the quality of wastewater and drinking water in Europe, while also allowing for confidence of sample analysis in those countries outside of the EN and DIN regulations.

Total Nitrogen Analysis is complementary to TOC-analysis indicating the cleanliness and levels of pollution of wastewater and surface water. Traditionally, the Kjehldal method has been used for total nitrogen analysis, but this is a particularly labor-intensive technique involving aggressive reagents that require strong safety precautions. The HiPerTOC with the added TNb-option operates using no chemicals, also being extremely easy to install and use.

The new Total Nitrogen Detector module consists of the well-known Thermo Scientific chemiluminescence detector supported by a special catalyst packing. The catalyst packing has the oxidizing and reducing power to get a total, reliable recovery of every nitrogen containing component, including ammonia, nitrate and nicotine acid. This innovative platform provides an excellent balance of detection limit, dynamic range, accuracy, recovery and robustness for TNb analysis, while providing excellent TOC results. The package is fully supported by the Thermo Scientific ThEuS software and is field-installable.

The new TN-CLD option requires only limited bench space, resulting in the already compact HiPerTOC becoming the most compact bench top analyzer available on the market.

The HiPerTOC is equipped with four different oxidation techniques for TOC analysis. It substantially reduces cost per analysis by ensuring major productivity gains and time savings thanks to the integrated 55-position XYZ autosampler. Two NDIR detectors can deliver high and low level TOC data results in one and the same queue. This multi-talented bench top analyzer rapidly provides accurate and precise results at both high and low concentration ranges in a wide variety of sample types.

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