• New Range of Time-saving Qrt-pcr Kits Which Set New Standards for Sensitivity and Convenience is Released

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New Range of Time-saving Qrt-pcr Kits Which Set New Standards for Sensitivity and Convenience is Released

May 14 2007

Thermo Fisher Scientific, has introduced a new range of Thermo Scientific Verso? reverse transcription and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (QRT-PCR) kits as part of the ABsolute? Blue QPCR master mix product line, setting new standards in terms of time savings, sensitivity and user convenience. Unlike any other QRT-PCR product currently on the market, Verso QRT-PCR kits utilise an inert blue dye (ABsolute? Blue) to facilitate visualisation of reagents during the aliquoting process.

The kits utilise Thermo Scientific's new Verso RT Enzyme, which eliminates the need to perform an RNase H digestion after cDNA synthesis, thereby streamlining the reaction process. The Verso RT Enzyme also has an improved dynamic range, which maximises sensitivity and allows users to detect a wider range of starting template concentrations. The enzyme mix also includes an RNase inhibitor, which significantly reduces RNase contamination whilst simplifying experimental protocols. Use of the Verso RT Enzyme also prevents the formation of primer dimers, leading to a decrease in variability whilst increasing sensitivity and efficiency.

Verso QRT-PCR kits additionally contain a unique enzyme, the RT Enhancer, that degrades double-stranded DNA during the transcription of RNA. This step removes any contaminating DNA, eliminating the need for users to carry out DNAse treatment. The RT Enhancer removes the same amount of DNA from RNA preparations as DNase 1 without the long incubation or harsh inactivation steps that can degrade DNA.

Verso QRT-PCR kits also include dTTP rather than dUTP in the nucleotide mix. Use of this naturally-occurring base increases the sensitivity and efficiency of the PCR reaction by more than 5%.

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