• SYBR Gains High Accolade from Leading Website.

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SYBR Gains High Accolade from Leading Website.

Jan 29 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific has received a strong user endorsement for the Thermo Scientific ABsolute™ QPCR SYBR® Green Mixes on the Biocompare® on-line buyer’s guide for life scientists. Sebastian Dworkin, a PhD student in the Differentiation and Transcription Laboratory at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia, has submitted a full review of the product to the site, in which he describes it as “the best and most cost-effective SYBR Green Mix I have used”, whilst praising its convenience, robustness and reproducibility.

Thermo Scientific ABsolute QPCR SYBR Green Mixes are optimised for SYBR Green I real-time QPCR assays through use of a dye which is non-fluorescent when unbound to DNA but emits readily-detectable fluorescence when incorporated into double-stranded DNA during PCR amplification. In the linear phase of the PCR reaction, the relative quantity of DNA in each sample can be measured by comparing the level at which the SYBR Green fluorescence curves cross an arbitrary threshold. Unlike other commercially-available SYBR Green Mixes, the ABsolute product contains a patented, chemically-modified DNA polymerase called Thermo-Start® which is ‘switched on’ by incubation at high temperature and enables detection of low copy number targets, thus maximising sensitivity and specificity. ABsolute QPCR SYBR Green Mixes are also available with the option of ROX or Fluorescein reference dyes to compensate for pipetting errors and allow normalisation between samples.

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