• Critical Flow Meter Reliability for Oil and Gas Industry Analysers

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Critical Flow Meter Reliability for Oil and Gas Industry Analysers

Jul 17 2023

Titan Enterprises' Oval Gear (OG) flow meters have been a long-standing and integral component of Icon Scientific's on-line analysers for over a decade. Icon Scientific specialises in designing and manufacturing physical property on-line analysers specifically tailored for the oil and gas industries, including refineries, crude oil processing, LNG, LPG, and offshore applications. These real-time analysers are connected to industrial processes to measure various physical properties such as colour, viscosity, distillation, flash point, vapour pressure, cold properties, and more.

The incorporation of innovative online analytical instruments allows for continuous process control, leading to improved process efficiency, enhanced productivity, superior product quality, safe storage practices, and enables real-time decision-making capabilities.

Dave Thompson, Icon Scientific’s Engineering and Development Director, commented: "Our on-line analysers offer highly reliable, accurate and automated measurement solutions, adhering to international standards.  

“The challenge was Icon needed a liquid flowmeter that was highly reliable to operate within our precision analysers. We chose Titan’s OG1 model with the reed switch sensor that interfaces with our advanced software and we enclose this within an explosion proof casing.”

Titan's OG Series flow meters are meticulously engineered to provide dependable and high-performance results across a diverse range of applications. These flow meters exhibit remarkable resilience against the impacts of fluctuating liquid viscosity, density, and temperature. In fact, their measurement accuracy improves as liquid viscosity increases, making them exceptionally well-suited for industries such as chemicals, biofuels, and petrochemicals.

Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises said: “Titan’s oval gear flow measuring devices are an ideal low-cost component for OEM applications, combining durable materials, robust design and proven technology to ensure they will have a long product life with reliable, accurate operation throughout.”

“We’re a tightly focused organisation,” added Dave, “pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in our field and so working with a comparable organisation such as Titan with the same outlook, is very desirable.”

With ongoing advancements in software capabilities and technology, the demand for flow monitoring devices that excel in handling various fluid viscosities and lower flow rates is on the rise.

“Although Titan’s 800 series turbine flowmeters and our Atrato® ultrasonic meter range are ideal for low flows down to 2ml/min, they are not explosion proof,” explained Neil. “Working with OEMs such as Icon, our R&D team are pushing the flow range boundaries of our oval gear meters with the aim of adding a more compact, lower flow unit to our oval gear range.”

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