• Illustrated Guide to Identifying the Ideal Small Bore Liquid Flowmeter

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Illustrated Guide to Identifying the Ideal Small Bore Liquid Flowmeter

Jan 28 2014

Titan Enterprises has produced an informative illustrated guide to help simplify the process of identifying and selecting the best type of small bore flowmeter (< 0.5-inch / 12.5mm bore) for a particular application.

Achieving optimal performance from small bore flowmeters has very different challenges to those faced when using larger diameter meters. As the flows are lower, less energy is available in the liquid to convert to mechanical movement. The liquid is often running in the laminar flow region and viscosity and boundary layer effects become very important. Generally speaking the smaller the meter the harder it is to make an accurate inline measuring device but the easier it is for the user to check the performance.

Titan Enterprises informative guide discusses the ten main flowmeter technologies and provides an unbiased comparison between each based upon 5 critical operating parameters (cost, linearity, operating range, minimum flow and repeatability) using an easy-to-understand pentagonal graphic illustration of their relative performance in these aspects.

The guide concludes to find the ideal flowmeter for small bore applications that there are several options for any given low flow rate and that choice is likely to be a compromise between performance, price and operating parameters. New generation ultrasonic meters are shown to satisfy a wide range of requirements, performing very well across all parameters. However, if exceptionally low flow detection is required, then thermal meters are perhaps the only option. If low cost is the prime determinant the guide shows that variable area devices are good for local indication but for inexpensive electronic outputs, Pelton wheel meters are also hard to beat. Finally, if ultimate accuracy is required, then Coriolis meters can provide the highest performance unfortunately often at a premium price.

To download a copy of this illustrated guide please visit www.flowmeters.co.uk/flowmeters-below-half-inch-bore.php

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