• Affordable and Efficient Photochemical Synthesis

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Affordable and Efficient Photochemical Synthesis

Jun 06 2023

The Borealis™ from Uniqsis is a revolutionary flow photoreactor that brings the benefits of photochemistry within the reach of any laboratory, regardless of budget constraints. The Borealis™ sets a new standard for safe and efficient high-yield photochemical flow synthesis.

Safety is a paramount concern, and the Borealis™ is equipped with a safety interlock system to prevent accidental exposure to high-intensity light. The LED lamps, available in a range of fixed wavelengths (370nm, 410nm, 440nm, 460nm, and 520nm), are powered by a programmable power supply. This power supply automatically detects the wavelength of the Borealis™ LED module and adjusts the output characteristics accordingly. To protect the LEDs from overheating, a temperature sensor and safety cut-out feature are integrated. Additionally, an inert gas purge input is available for low-temperature applications.

Setting up the Borealis™ flow photoreactor is easy. Simply insert a coil reactor into the Cold Coil™ reactor module and secure it using the external adjuster. Then, insert the Borealis™ LED lamp unit into the coil reactor and connect it to the programmable power supply. Temperature control of the coil reactor can be achieved by either connecting it to a cold-water supply for reactions close to room temperature or, for optimum precision, to a high-precision thermoregulation system.

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