• Optimising Heterogeneous Catalysis Reactions
    FlowSyn integrated continuous flow reactor ™. (courtesy – Uniqsis Ltd)

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Optimising Heterogeneous Catalysis Reactions

May 17 2023

Uniqsis is at the forefront of flow reactor design, offering the cutting-edge FlowSyn™ system that sets the standard for automated optimisation of heterogeneous catalysis reactions. With FlowSyn™, researchers can achieve unparalleled control and efficiency in their heterogeneous catalysis processes, streamlining reaction optimisation for enhanced productivity and results.

Leveraging solid supported reagents, catalysts, and scavengers in flow reactor systems presents substantial advantages over traditional batch heterogeneous catalysis methods. This approach frequently eliminates the requirement for subsequent product purification, while also improving reaction rates and overall efficiency, thanks to the abundant catalyst excess utilised.

FlowSyn™ reactors have revolutionised continuous flow catalytic reactions, delivering notable time savings, exceptional reproducibility, and high selectivity. Notably, compared to batch reactors, FlowSyn™ reactors exhibit remarkable enhancements in catalyst stability. These advancements pave the way for more efficient and reliable catalytic processes in various applications.

FlowSyn™ is an all-in-one continuous flow reactor that excels in user-friendly, safe, and efficient operation. Crafted with highest quality components renowned for their exceptional chemical compatibility and reliability, FlowSyn reactors ensure precise and consistent temperature control of up to +260°C. Additionally, with the ability to handle reactions under pressures up to 1400 psi, FlowSyn becomes the ideal tool for exploring and evaluating novel catalysts, making it invaluable for catalyst development and testing purposes.

The FlowSyn™ system features integrated software with a user-friendly step-through interface, allowing seamless control of the entire system. Whether running catalysis reactions manually or programming them for automated unattended operation, the software offers flexibility and convenience. Once the reaction is complete, the system automatically flushes the flow path and column with clean solvent, preparing it for the next experiment without any manual intervention required.

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