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Compact and flexible peptide synthesiser 

Jun 10 2024

Vapourtec has recently launched its Peptide-ExplorerLT, designed for chemists aiming to explore and optimise linear peptide synthesis.

This new system maintains the high-quality peptide production of Vapourtec’s Peptide-Explorer, launched in 2020, but features a more compact design and comes at a lower price point.

Dr Manuel Nuño, Vapourtec's CSO, explained: “Peptide chemists can now enjoy all the benefits of Fast Flow Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (FF-SPPS) at a price comparable to traditional, automated batch synthesisers.

“Setting up a synthesis is straightforward. Enter the resin amount and loading, add the alphabetic amino acid sequence, and the software generates the optimised reaction protocol. This includes optimised methods for amino acids prone to racemisation and cyclisation.

“The Peptide-ExplorerLT is limited to linear peptides and does not support automated side chain addition through solvent change and Mtt (4-Methyltrityl) group deprotection.

“However, the Peptide-ExplorerLT can be upgraded to the Peptide-Explorer or Peptide-Scaleup with additional modules and a software license. 

“One of the key benefits is the reduced space required. The system dimensions are 107 cm wide x 54 cm deep x 109 cm high, including space for solvent containers and waste,” added Dr Nuño.

The Peptide-ExplorerLT offers three reactor sizes with maximum working volumes of 4 ml, 9.5 ml, and 21 ml, supporting synthesis scales from 0.05 to 1.0 mmol. It also features modern, touch-screen software with a sequence generator and real-time in-line analytic data presentation.

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