• Productive peptide synthesis system for continuous flow chemistry

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Productive peptide synthesis system for continuous flow chemistry

Nov 03 2023

Vapourtec's Peptide-Scaleup™ flow chemistry system is tailored to meet the needs of peptide chemists, prioritising efficient synthesis processes. This configuration offers a substantial improvement over traditional room-temperature batch scale-up synthesisers, capable of synthesising a 30-mer peptide at a 4 mmol scale in just 16 hours. With a synthesis scale ranging from 0.5 mmol to 5.0 mmol, it utilises Vapourtec's patented variable bed flow reactor (VBFR), ensuring rapid cycle times even at the largest scale and all the benefits of continuous flow, single-pass solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). This system, with its compact footprint, can be conveniently installed within a standard fume hood.

The Peptide-Scaleup minimises purification requirements by delivering high-quality peptides and reducing solvent and reagent usage in comparison to competing processes. It features state-of-the-art software with a sequence generator that includes automated side chain additions and continuous in-line analytics offering unique resin solvation and UV absorption data. Ideal for fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl protecting group (Fmoc) SPPS with DIC and oxyma activation, the chemistry optimised on the Peptide-Explorer at small scale can seamlessly transfer to the Peptide-Scaleup, eliminating the need for additional development.

Dr Manuel Nuño of Vapourtec noted: "This Peptide-Scaleup system is designed for peptide chemists seeking a more productive and time-efficient synthesis, particularly when compared to traditional batch techniques.

“As the success of new peptide-based drugs continues to drive growth, this configuration expands the potential for impactful chemistry."

Vapourtec, founded in 2003 and located near Cambridge, UK, has systems featured in over 1000 peer-reviewed publications, contributing to the development of innovative synthetic routes for important therapeutics, including Tamoxifen for breast cancer, Artemisinin for malaria treatment, and peptide drugs for type 2 diabetes.

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