• Enhancing Flow Chemistry with CSTR Cascade Integration

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Enhancing Flow Chemistry with CSTR Cascade Integration

Oct 11 2023

Vapourtec has unveiled a new continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) designed to enhance continuous process synthesis, offering compatibility with their renowned flow chemistry systems. This innovative CSTR can be integrated into R-Series and E-Series flow chemistry platforms, significantly expanding their capabilities.

The CSTR cascade system allows for the integration of up to eight reactors within an R-Series flow chemistry system, such as two R4 modules, making it ideal for managing flow reactions that involve both solids and liquids. It operates at pressures of up to 5.0 bar and provides a reactor volume range from 5 ml to 40 ml, with precise temperature control from -10°C to +150°C.

For the entry-level E-Series flow chemistry system, the option to include up to two CSTRs is available, offering enhanced versatility in this system. This easily maintainable system prioritises safety and precision, offering stirring speeds ranging from 100rpm to 1200rpm and featuring a built-in burst disc, with an optional protective screen for added safety.

Additionally, Vapourtec provides the choice of incorporating a photochemical CSTR, which uses LED light sources spanning from 365nm to 700nm. The design of the CSTR is a result of close collaboration with leading flow chemists from both industry and academia.

Dr Manuel Nuño of Vapourtec emphasized the innovative approach, stating: “CSTRs have a well-established presence in chemical synthesis, but our goal was to adapt and optimise them for flow chemistry, ensuring seamless integration with our continuous process systems. The ability to create an eight-reactor cascade configuration significantly improves residence time distribution (RTD) control, allowing for the separation of reaction products from starting materials and precise management of RTDs. With tailored settings for stirring speeds and temperatures in each individual CSTR, this system provides enhanced control and accuracy, leading to more precise outcomes.”

Established in 2003 and headquartered near Cambridge, UK, Vapourtec's flow chemistry systems have played a pivotal role in the development of novel synthetic pathways for critical therapeutics, including drugs such as Tamoxifen for breast cancer, Artemisinin for malaria treatment, and peptide drugs for type 2 diabetes management.

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