• Advancing stent surface metallurgy monitoring
  • Improper surface cleaning gives rise to chrome deficit (left) compared to ideal surface composition (right).

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

Advancing stent surface metallurgy monitoring

Apr 19 2024

Hiden Analytical Ltd introduces a ground-breaking surface measurement technique for critical cardiovascular devices. Utilising Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS), Hiden Analytical sets new standards in stent safety, efficacy, and innovation.

Surgical stents, vital for maintaining open arteries, rely on their surface condition for optimal performance. Hiden Analytical's SIMS technology scrutinises the nanometre-thick chromium dioxide layer, revealing vulnerabilities caused by certain disinfecting treatments. Surface iron-richness, uncovered by caesium ion bombardment, can lead to corrosion, stent failure, and tissue damage.

Recognising the pivotal role of the stent's surface, Hiden Analytical employs SIMS to scrutinise the nanometer-thick protective chromium dioxide layer inherent to the material. This rigorous analysis, utilising caesium ion bombardment, has unveiled how specific disinfecting treatments can result in an iron-rich stent surface, susceptible to corrosion. Such conditions may precipitate stent failure, rejection by the body, and tissue damage.

With SIMS' unparalleled limit of detection, substances are identified at ppm and ppb levels, setting a new standard in medical implant analysis. This sensitivity, paired with techniques enhancing analyte volume, optimises analysis for critical stent performance aspects.

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