• ‘Package Cracker’ Fill-Gas Analyser for Versatile Applications

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‘Package Cracker’ Fill-Gas Analyser for Versatile Applications

Jul 26 2023

Hiden Analytical announces the HPR-90 'Package Cracker' fill-gas analyser, an advanced instrument designed for precise measurement of static fill-gas and residual gases in a wide range of vessel types. The HPR-90 accommodates vessels of various sizes, from multi-litre electric lamps and fluorescent tubes to electronic devices with volumes as small as 10 micro-litres, requiring only 0.01 sccm of total gas sample per analysis.

This innovative fill-gas analyser offers exceptional versatility and finds application in diverse industries, including the food packaging industry for accurate measurement of fill gases in sealed packages. It aids in quality control studies, identifying defects like bubbles in glass, while also ensuring optimal performance and longevity of critical components in electronic devices within sealed environments.

The HPR-90 incorporates custom-designed vacuum chamber and sample piercing and cracking mechanisms, optimising gas detection for specific vessel types with minimised volume and surface area. Gases are efficiently transferred to the directly-coupled analysis chamber, housing an integrated high-performance mass spectrometer for precise analysis.

With fully automated vacuum operation, measurement sequencing, and sample analysis, the HPR-90 also includes an automated gas calibration manifold with capacitance manometer, ensuring precise validation of the mass spectrometer's performance against specified calibration gas mixtures.

The HPR-90 'Package Cracker' fill-gas analyser from Hiden Analytical brings cutting-edge technology to drive innovation and efficiency in gas analysis, catering to diverse industries and research fields.

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