• New Dissolved Species Applications Catalogue

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New Dissolved Species Applications Catalogue

Mar 15 2023

Hiden Analytical has recently introduced its latest catalogue that focuses on dissolved species applications. This new catalogue highlights the broad range of solutions offered by Hiden for analysing dissolved species in liquids, providing customers with a comprehensive reference to Hiden's technologies for dissolved species analysis in various real-world applications.

Having more than four decades of experience in the mass spectrometry domain, Hiden Analytical has been leading the development of groundbreaking solutions for analysing dissolved species in liquids. Whether it's about process monitoring, quality control, or research and development, Hiden's dissolved species analysis solutions offer exceptionally sensitive (sub ppb) and precise results for various liquid media applications.

The latest catalogue showcases a comprehensive range of Hiden's dissolved species analysis technologies, with a specific focus on oceanic trace gas measurements, enzyme activity studies, and environmental research applications. The catalogue provides detailed information on Hiden's solutions, including in-depth case studies that illustrate the performance and capabilities of these technologies in real-world scenarios.

"We are excited to launch our new dissolved species applications catalogue," said Dr Dane Walker, Technical Marketing Manager at Hiden Analytical. "This catalogue showcases our extensive range of solutions for analysing dissolved species in liquids and demonstrates the wide variety of applications where our solutions have proven to be effective. We believe that this catalogue will be a valuable resource for researchers and engineers looking to implement dissolved species analysis in their work."

The catalogue is available in both digital and print formats and can be downloaded from Hiden's website.

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