• PTRam: A Self-calibrating Process Development Raman System

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

PTRam: A Self-calibrating Process Development Raman System

Jan 12 2023

The PTRam is a compact, sensitive, and robust Raman spectrometer that can be placed on the bench or in a rack-mount enclosure. Just connect the fibre optic probe, plug it in and start your measurements, easily moving it to the process you are developing. With the PTRam you can increase your process understanding and decrease development time with real-time process monitoring.

Metrohm Process Analytics can engineer and supply virtually any ‘unit operation’ for sample preconditioning and can provide a complete working solution for most industrial processes.

Besides the chemical analysis, sample preparation, preconditioning and location of the analyser are deciding factors for the success of online and atline analysis. Metrohm can provide a full solution for almost any application, an analyser in combination with sample preparation or even a complete turnkey package with a shelter, piping, wiring, and interfacing. This allows for a seamless start-up and integration of the analyser on-site.

Highlights include

  • High performance, precise, rugged and reliable spectrometer
  • Long-lasting, rock-solid laser stability for consistent results
  • Self-calibrating, self-monitoring to ensure the validity of each measurement for 24/7 real time monitoring
  • Single channel fibre optically coupled sample probe with user-replaceable shaft, customisable for your measurement conditions  

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