• The World’s Smallest MS System Exhibited at Analytica 2012

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The World’s Smallest MS System Exhibited at Analytica 2012

Jul 09 2012

Microsaic Systems plc exhibited the Microsaic 3500 MiD at Analytica 2012. Developed in collaboration with three major pharmaceutical companies, the 3500 MiD® is the world’s first chip-based mass spectrometer and is an extremely robust system which is simple and intuitive to use. 90% smaller than conventional mass spectrometers and with fewer infrastructure requirements, the revolutionary Microsaic 3500 MiD is a versatile, portable solution for bench chemists in medicinal chemistry laboratories. Able to be configured and ready to use in one hour, the drastically reduced footprint and ease of use means the 3500 MiD is the ideal mass spectrometer for the modern laboratory.

Microsaic Systems has successfully transformed mass spectrometry by integrating key miniaturised components onto patented chip technologies called ionchip®, spraychip®, and vac-chip. The core technologies are chip-scale versions of traditional mass spectrometry components which can be interchanged rapidly by the user, enabling greater adaptability and speed of use. The 3500 MiD is the only MS system on the market which does not require an external vacuum pump, and is significantly smaller than legacy systems. The ability to control the 3500 MiD remotely via a LAN connection removes the need for a monitor or keyboard next to the system, further minimising the footprint, meaning the product is small enough to sit inside a fume hood. Previously, MS had only been used for off-line analysis but with the 3500 MiD MS analysis can be now performed on-line within the fume-hood.

The 3500 MiD is designed to integrate with existing HPLC equipment with no extra footprint and no infrastructure requirements. Other separation methods such as Prep LC, Flash LC and SFC can also be combined with the 3500 MiD to offer mass directed purification. The ability to monitor reactions in real time provides the chemist with vital data which can be acted upon to rapidly speed up reaction optimisation, improve safety and save valuable time.

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