• Optimise FT-IR Spectra Using Variable Angle ATR Accessories

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Optimise FT-IR Spectra Using Variable Angle ATR Accessories

Jan 23 2017

Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) is today the most widely used FTIR sampling tool. ATR generally allows qualitative or quantitative analysis with little or no sample preparation. Sampling is achieved by placing the sample directly onto the ATR crystal, which greatly speeds analysis time. The main benefit of ATR sampling is the thin sampling pathlength and depth of penetration of the IR beam into the sample. This is in contrast to transmission sampling where samples must be pressed into KBr pellets or thin films. PIKE Technologies offers numerous ATR accessories to enhance your FT-IR spectrometer for a wide range of applications. Featured here are PIKE Technologies’ variable angle ATRs.

Varying the angle of incidence provides the user with the power to alter the depth of penetration for customised ATR set-ups and for optimised spectral results. The VeeMAX III with ATR is a single reflection ATR and the ATRMax II is a multiple reflection ATR. Both allow changing the angle of incidence with a simple turn of a knob, and offer configurability and flexibility to satisfy the most demanding research labs. Interchangeable ATR crystal plates allow the user to tailor experiments. Temperature control options and automated versions for precision and repeatability are available for both accessories.

The VeeMAX III offers purgeable optics to remove atmospheric interferences; an internal polariser mount to allow changing the polariser setting without breaking purge; and high energy throughput for excellent-quality spectra. Applications include depth profiling, analysis of monolayers, and electrochemical experiments. It may also be used to investigate polymer orientation.

When additional sensitivity of multiple reflections is needed, the ATRMax II accommodates a wide range of samples by offering trough plates, flat plates and flow cells. The trough plate is ideal for liquids and gels, the flat plate for pliable films and polymers, and the flow cell for kinetic experiments. It comes purge-ready with enclosed optics.

www.piketech.com for our complete selection of ATRs. Contact us for assistance in choosing the best accessory for your application.

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