• All-in-One Cell Imaging System
    Zeiss Axiovert 5 digital uses artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic functions to ease daily work in the cell lab.

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All-in-One Cell Imaging System

Feb 17 2023

Zeiss has launched its latest all-in-one cell imaging system, the Zeiss Axiovert 5 digital, which employs artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic functions to streamline daily tasks in the cell lab. This system enhances processes, from basic research to scientific routine, by enabling more efficient and reproducible phase contrast and multichannel fluorescence imaging. Additionally, the system is designed with an intuitive operating concept, allowing even inexperienced users to produce excellent images with ease. The settings and adjustments are carried out automatically, further simplifying the imaging process.

Laboratory technicians and researchers can employ brightfield, phase, and fluorescence contrast techniques to examine cell or tissue cultures. With the press of a button, the system takes control and automatically modifies the exposure time, captures the image, switches the channel, and restarts the process. The images are saved automatically, along with all the relevant metadata and scaling information of the microscope.

The Zeiss Axiovert 5 digital system utilises artificial intelligence to optimise and streamline workflows. By using the readily available AI modules, cell counting and cell confluency can be automatically determined with a single click of a button. This allows users to quickly measure and display the percentage of cell coverage or number of cells in their Petri dish.

The ergonomic layout of the Zeiss Axiovert 5 digital is tailored to support appropriate system operation, making it an ideal fit for multi-user environments. Users can easily trigger single snaps, multi-channel image acquisitions, or video recordings with just the press of a button, requiring minimal training or prior knowledge.

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