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Dec 18 2006

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH presents a new microscope system that has been specially developed for extensive research of processes in living cells. The Axio Observer, based on an inverted research microscope, makes it not only possible to observe processes in living cells, but also to manipulate processes and analyze the resulting changes. This is the means of obtaining new insights, both in basic research and, for example, the development of new drugs. Axio Observer permits the use of a wide variety of application-specific solutions.

Numerous system components enable optimum workflows in research and development in life sciences. Environmental parameters have a great deal of influence on the examination results in live cell imaging. The thermally insulated, high-performance objectives in the LCI Plan-Neofluar and Plan-Apochromat lines from Carl Zeiss avoid erroneous results caused by temperatures. Together with the temperature sensor in the culture vessel, they ensure that the required temperature is reliably achieved. A further example for optical innovation from ZEISS is the LD Plan-Neofluar 20x and 40x phase contrast objectives, which combine positive and negative phase contrast in a single objective, thus allowing optimum contrasting of all object structures using a single objective.

The incubation components ideally modified for Axio Observer can be easily configured and stacked. As they can be programmed via the flat panel monitor and/or the AxioVision software, they are integrated into all experiments. This ensures completely reproducible results.
High-performance filter sets enable up to 70% higher excitation intensity and up to 50% shorter exposure times.

Great emphasis has been laid on optimum operating convenience for all technical details. This is particularly evident in the ACR function which automatically recognizes objectives and reflector modules, integrates them into the system configuration and with the motorized model displays them on the flat panel monitor. The entire microscope can thus be operated via short and clearly arranged menus. All settings become visible at a single glance, thus saving time, reducing the risk of mistakes and increasing convenience, e.g. when loading the reflector turret, particularly when filter sets are used in several microscopes. Therefore, it is very easy to upgrade and retrofit the Axio Observer. Furthermore, the 6-position reflector turret allows the very fast change of filter sets in the beam path during the experiment. The monitor, which can be operated either via the microscope or the docking station, provides a high level of operating comfort.

Axio Observer is highly flexible and can be matched to each application level, from routine to high end. The open system architecture makes it easy to integrate external components.

You can choose from three stand models, upgradeable according to your specific requirements, to make your application as economical as possible.

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