• Range of Advanced Tomography Holders for Tem Now Available.

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Range of Advanced Tomography Holders for Tem Now Available.

Aug 28 2007

Agar Scientific Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of Fischione Instruments' range of Advanced Tomography Holders for transmission electron microscopes (TEM). A new brochure describing the various models of the 2000 tomography holder range is now available.

Advances in microstructural characterization require the ability to analyze structure and chemistry in three dimensions. However, most TEM techniques are limited to producing two-dimensional information. Tomography on the other hand, combines two-dimensional data sets taken at various tilt angles to produce a three-dimensional reconstruction.
The range supplied, on behalf of Fischione Instruments, by Agar Scientific Ltd includes the 2020 holder which is ideal for life and physical sciences applications as well as others requiring high specimen tilt while maintaining a large field of view. It allows data collection over wide tilt and translation ranges, even in restrictive pole piece gap geometries.

The 2030 is an Ultra-Narrow Gap Tomography holder suitable for use with narrow gap pole piece geometries (less than 3mm). The holder accepts 1.5mm square or round TEM grids (available from Agar) into a cartridge. The 2040 Dual-Axis holder is suitable for tomographic imaging or analysis that requires in plane rotation and features an optimal tilt angle range in narrow gap pole piece geometries (about 5mm).

The revolutionary 2050 On-Axis rotation holder accepts either rod shaped or conically shaped specimens and rotates them fully through 360º about the axis of the holder. Traditionally single axis tomography results in a missing wedge of information, while dual-axis results in a missing pyramid of information. However, on-axis rotation tomography provides the maximum achievable amount of information from a specimen.

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