• A ?push-button? Approach to Inspection Tasks

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A ?push-button? Approach to Inspection Tasks

Jan 22 2007

Olympus has introduced the first system in its analySIS Inspector Series of complete automatic inspection systems for specific applications. Based on the newly launched analySIS family of software solutions, the analySIS Inspector series has been designed to fully automate and solve very specific tasks, such as filter, cast iron, and non metallic inclusion inspection. analySIS software with hardware components, including microscope, digital camera, motorised stage and controller, all make up these new complete automatic inspection systems.

Incorporating a specially designed Graphical User Interface (GUI), the Inspector series' push-button operation is highly efficient and makes difficult analyses very simple to conduct and complete successfully. The software is user-friendly and guides the user step-by-step through the entire analysis procedure. Few steps are involved and more complex analyses can be learnt quickly.

The first system launched in this new series is the analySIS FilterInspector for simple fully automated optical analysis, classification and documentation of filter residues. This is ideal for processes which must conform to certain cleanliness standards, such as during engine piston manufacture.
With its high resolution, the analySIS FilterInspector is designed for fast analysis. This means that full inspection of circular filters 47 mm in diameter may be conducted quickly and at resolutions down to 0.8 µm. This speed is possible due to the fast cameras and motorised stages included in the comprehensive system solution.

The precisely attuned Olympus hardware and software components used in the Inspector series yield results with far greater precision and reproducibility than would be feasible using conventional systems. Furthermore, as ?open' systems, the Inspector series components can be used as a standard microscope set-up for alternative applications, if required. This also makes the Inspector series a highly flexible tool, which is a key requirement for Research and Development facilities.

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