• Unlocking high-resolution structural determination in cryo-TEM

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Unlocking high-resolution structural determination in cryo-TEM

Feb 20 2024

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM featuring the Low-Energy-Spread Cold Field Emission Source (E-CFEG). Initially designed for the company's highest-powered 300kV cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM), the E-CFEG is now also available for the 200kV Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM.

This expanded offering aims to enhance accessibility to cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) techniques, providing boosted resolution while maintaining ease-of-use and productivity. The E-CFEG, known for its narrow energy spread supporting high-contrast images, enables near-atomic structural determination of complex proteins and macromolecules. This contributes to accelerated cryo-EM research and drug discovery processes, all achieved at a lower accelerating voltage.

In addition to advancing structural determination, the platform add-on simplifies workflows for users of varying experience levels in single particle analysis, cryo-electron tomography, and Micro-ED workflows. Equipped with AI-enabled algorithms for data collection and automated microscope alignments, it enhances ease of use and ensures consistently excellent data production.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's recent data showcases the capability of this combination, generating a 1.5 Å resolution structure of Apoferritin. This achievement represents the highest resolution structure produced by a commercially available cryo-TEM operating at 200kV.

Key applications of the Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM with E-CFEG cater to structural biologists in biopharmaceutical and academic research. This solution is tailored for those seeking high-quality structural data with improved efficiency and ease of use.

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