• Launch of the Lyncée-tec Range of Digital Holographic Microscopes (dhm) in the Uk & Ireland.

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Launch of the Lyncée-tec Range of Digital Holographic Microscopes (dhm) in the Uk & Ireland.

May 02 2007

Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) is an innovative technique that generates in real time high resolution 3D digital images of a sample using the principle of holography. Holograms are generated by combining a coherent reference wave with the objective wave from the specimen. They are recorded by video camera and reconstructed in real time using software. From a single hologram acquired in microseconds, information is presented for intensity images like optical microscopy and phase images provide quantitative data.

The instrument is available in two ranges depending on whether the application is for reflective or transmitted mode i.e. solid or transparent surfaces. Software analysis using the associated Koala software package reveals surface topographical data with sub nanometre vertical resolution for the reflective mode, quantitative morphological properties of biological specimens (such as refractive index) and thickness using the transmitted mode.

DHM offers real time non-invasive measurements with short acquisition times using hardware with no moving parts and no contact with the sample. No anti-vibration precautions are needed allowing long term monitoring of biological samples as well as no requirement for pre-treatment such as contrasting agents. The high resolution in Z permits the measurement of nanostructures and is ideal for surface analysis where quick results are needed.

Applications are diverse and include cell monitoring in live specimens such as neurons, red blood cells, cell lines in Life Science, as well as surface analysis of MEMS, mirrors, optics, gratings and wafers in Material Science.

The instrument is a useful tool whether in an R&D laboratory or applied on the production line.

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