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Simple Solution for Particle Sizing at a Reasonable Price!

Dec 11 2007

With the Analysette 22 COMPACT, Fritsch GmbH provides a solution for sample materials in the particle size range from 0.3 to 300 µm who require a particularly easy-to-use bench model instrument with an extremely attractive price-performance ratio. The MicroTec expands the measurement range to 0.1 to 600 µm or with the “extended version“ MicroTec XT even as far as 0.1 to 2000 µm.

In addition to the expanded measurement range, the MicroTec and MicroTec XT also provide users with information about the shape of the analysed particles. This is based on the fact that non-spherical particles tend to scatter light in specific spatial directions. A sensor specially developed to Fritsch's specification measures the shape-sensitive portions of the diffraction image and, based on this, the analysis software of the Analysette 22 can determine the elongation ratio for the d50 value of the previously recorded size distribution. This means that one single measurement can determine both the particle size distribution and the ratio of spherical to elongated particles.

In addition to the MicroTec and the MicroTec XT, the option of shape analysis is also available with the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec, the flagship Laser Particle Sizer model at Fritsch. At 2000 µm, the NanoTec offers the same high measurement limit as the MicroTec XT but also extends the lower limit down to 0.01 µm, in other words 10 nm. This meaningful entry into the nano range is made possible by yet another refinement from Fritsch: A second laser beam passes the sample through a micro-sized hole in the centre of the detector and this light is scattered backwards by particles in the nanometre range. Thus the entire detector surface is used even in the nano range and the resolution and sensitivity are not unnecessarily reduced by a smaller number of sensor elements.

To transform exceptional optic into an excellent overall system, it is essential to ensure high-quality sample preparation and sample feeding. All members of the Analysette 22 family are available with dry and/or liquid dispersion units. One special advantage of the MicroTec and NanoTec is the fully automatic switching between the different dispersion modules. For measurements with solvents, a special dispersion unit is available for the MicroTec/NanoTec that can either be fully integrated into the system or used as a separate free standing module alongside the main instrument but which is still controlled via the integral operating software.