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New Species to Be Named

Jun 20 2007

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has been honoured by having a new species named after it by researchers at the Natural History Museum, Humboldt University, Berlin. Fissuroderes thermoi, a species of microscopic worm of the group Kinorhyncha, was recently identified during the groups' evolutionary research using the Thermo Scientific Heraeus® Multifuge® 3S for specimen preparation. Excellent customer relations and superior centrifuge performance has contributed greatly to their success. The new species was identified following extensive studies of marine habitats in the deep sea and continental shelf of New Zealand and Costa Rica. The use of the Heraeus Multifuge 3S has significantly aided this research, providing robust, fail-safe performance to meet the demands of both their university- and ship-based laboratories.

As a robust high-capacity centrifuge, the Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge 3S can process large numbers of samples within a compact footprint. This flexible centrifuge range offers a wide selection of rotors and can accept up to 68x15ml, 28x50 ml conical tubes, or up to 16 microplates, allowing up to 3 litres of sample to be processed in one run. In an unpredictable environment such as on board a research ship, user safety is of paramount importance. The Heraeus Multifuge 3S range uses a wide range of adapters, inserts and bucket sealing lids to ensure hazardous materials are securely contained. Additionally, with the highly efficient SMARTspin? imbalance detection system, the Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge 3S is not only fast but provides the maximum protection for both users and samples.

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