• Scaling-up iPS spheroid culture production
    Six ABLE Bioreactor systems in stir base together with controller.
  • Human iPS cells (cell line 1231A3) grown in StemFit™ medium demonstrating the consistency of spheroid sizes after 4 days cultivation in the ABLE 3D Disposable Bioreactor at 40 rpm.

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Scaling-up iPS spheroid culture production

Oct 20 2023

AMSBIO introduces the ABLE 3D Magnetic Stir and Disposable Bioreactor System, a cost-effective solution for lab-scale induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell spheroid culture production.

Growing iPS cells in 3D spheroid suspension culture mimics the natural structure of embryoid bodies formed by embryonic stem cells. The ABLE 3D Bioreactor offers a user-friendly and economical tool that delivers high yield, viability, and efficiency for expanding human iPS stem cells and promoting differentiation.

Constructed from high-density polycarbonate for compatibility with iPS stem cell cultivation, the Bioreactor arrives ready-to-use for non-adherent cell growth, eliminating the need for costly extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins to coat plasticware. Its delta-wing-shaped impeller, featuring a magnet on each blade, creates low shear agitation through laminar flow, facilitating the development of uniform 200-300 μm spheroid cell clusters.

The bioreactor system employs disposable vessels for cell culture or production, yielding up to 5 × 107 cells per 30 mL vessel, equivalent to the cell output from ten 10 cm culture dishes or ten 6-well plates.

Seamlessly integrating with StemFit media, a chemically defined stem cell culture medium, the ABLE 3D Bioreactor supports the efficient maintenance of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and embryonic stem cells (ESCs) without the need for feeder cells. By using iMatrix-511-coated plates along with StemFit media, human iPSCs can be readily harvested, dissociated into single cells, and seamlessly transitioned into the ABLE 3D Bioreactor system for large-scale and efficient iPSC spheroid culture.

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