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Rapid, reliable moisture measurement

Oct 03 2023

The KERN DBS halogen moisture analyser provides steady, reliable results with high reaction speed, even with delicate samples. It stores the measurements on the one hand in the device and on the other it transfers them via USB or RS 232 data interface to the required PC or printer.

The KERN DBS moisture analyser from KERN & SOHN / Germany uses the thermogravimetric principle to carry out the measurement: i.e. an integrated balance records the starting weight of the sample first. A heating unit then dries the sample, while the weight is continuously recorded. As a result of this process, the weight loss is interpreted as moisture content. With this principle, the device achieves a measurement accuracy of up to +/- 0.01 percent, depending on the size of the sample.

The integrated balance is based on a weighing cell from the new Single-Cell Generation made from aluminium alloy. Thanks to short stabilisation times and high temperature resistance, this cell indicates the weighing result significantly quicker than other weighing systems.

Tailored precisely to the sample

The KERN DBS uses the infrared radiation of a halogen-quartz glass heater with a power of 400 W for drying. Sensitive temperature control ensures uniform heating of the sample and is therefore also suitable for thermo-sensitive samples. The device switches off automatically or is time-controlled, depending on the settings. Temperature ranges from 50 to 200 degrees and different heating profiles mean that you can adapt the procedure precisely to a particular sample. The results are measurements which are both reliable and quick.

The drying programs at a glance:

  • The Standard drying setting is ideal for most types of sample.
  • For delicate substances, for example plastics, the Gentle drying setting is provided: gentle heating prevents decomposition and formation of skin.
  • For samples with a high moisture content, such as, for example, detergents, Rapid drying is ideal.
  • An alternative to Gentle drying is Stage drying. With this setting, damage to the sample is prevented because it is pre-heated.

Repeatable results, easily documented

You can store up to ten drying programs in the moisture analyser with parameters, such as, drying period and temperature, display settings, etc. This saves the user time and guarantees repeatable results. Using a range of features, it is simple for these results to be documented, processed further and tracked:

  • Up to 100 drying processes can be documented in the device itself.
  • For simple, convenient transfer of the results to the PC or printer, there is a USB as well as RS 232 data interface.
  • In the measurement report, the sample description of up to 99 samples can be output.

Correct long-term values

In order for the comparability of the results of moisture analyses to be guaranteed in the long term, the correct temperatures must be maintained in the heating chamber of the device or in the sample. KERN therefore offers its customers regular calibration of their moisture analyser - for genuine, reliable measuring results.

KERN DBS moisture analyser.

KERN Website.

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